Family Eye Care offer a 2 year frame and lens warranty!

Lens design
Our optometrists will recommend the best lens design based on your needs. Single vision lenses allow you to see clearly at one distance. These can be designed for distance vision (driving), for intermediate vision (computer, music), or near vision (reading). For patients that require clear vision at multiple distances, a set of multifocal lens are an excellent option. These include lined bifocals, lined trifocals, and progressive lenses. A set of progressive (no-line) lens offer a gradually changing prescription so vision is clear at all distances. At Family Eye Care, we use Varillux progressive lenses, which are one of the highest quality lens designs on the market.

Lens material
We utilize the latest technology in lens materials. Lenses today are primarily made of plastic, which are scrach-resistant, thinner and safer than the old glass lenses. If you have a very high presciption, then the doctor may prescribe a "high index" lens, which result in thinner and lighter glasses. If you require an impact-resistant lens material, then the doctor may prescribe polycarbonate or trivex. These materials are required for all children and patients who are very active.

Lens treatments
Surface treatments can be applied to a lens to improve the overall vision quality. Anti-reflective (AR) coatings are recommended for every patient. These coatings greatly reduce glare, which is especially beneficial for computer use and night driving. They also improve the cosmetic appearance of the lens by reducing distracting reflections. Scratch-resistant coatings are also recommended to reduce scratches on your lenses. Lenses can also be treated with UV protection which helps block harmful UV sunlight. UV protection is automatically included in polycarbonate, trivex, and high index lens materials.

Lens tinting
Your lens can be tinted in a variety of shades. One of the most popular options is Transitions. These are lenses that receive a special chemical treatment that causes them to change from clear to dark when moving from indoors to outdoors. They also offer 100% UV protection.